Tele-EI Therapy Services and limited in-person visits available. Woodbridge School’s new Infant & Toddler classroom are open and is now enrolling all ages. Day School is in full session.

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Thank You For The Support, We Didn’t Even Know We Needed!

Fitzpatrick Family's Story

My son, JJ, was at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for the first two months of his life until he was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital for open heart surgery.  He stayed in Children’s Hospital for another 2.5 weeks after surgery.  It was when we finally got him home that we were introduced to Early Intervention


My first initial thoughts were that we didn’t really need Early Intervention as I was just focusing on keeping my son healthy and constantly monitoring his breathing (had a handful of blue spells in NICU as well as being on oxygen) and eating (at that point he was 100% feeding tube).


Before JJ was born, we had a meeting with Genetics that basically prepped us saying that our son had basically a 99.9% chance of having Down Syndrome.  However, before I could even digest what that really meant, we were rushed into meeting cardiac doctors and surgeons discussing scary heart surgery procedures.

fitzpatrick family

A School for Drew

DREW'S Story

Our son Drew is a student at the PCCD Developmental Day School.  Drew is a cute and lovable 6 year old.  He has a rare genetic disorder called GRIN2A.  Drew also is challenged with epilepsy, as well as visual, physical and intellectual impairments.


Like most families, we searched for the perfect school for Drew.  We knew he would “age out” of the Early Intervention program (EI) at age three, and we were worried about finding a school where he would be able to continue receiving all the therapies provided in EI.  Additionally, we wanted to ensure there was a safe and supportive environment with a loving staff to care for Drew.

drew's family

Maggie, Maggie Jump Up-and-Down

Maggie'S Story

Maggie started in the Two-by-Two program (Early Intervention Toddler Playgroup) at The Professional Center for Child Development in February of 2016, a few days after she turned two. Our family learned about The Professional Center through Maggie’s cousins, Declan and Brian. Both boys absolutely loved going to The Professional Center, and their parents only had amazing things to say about the program. So we were sold on it for Maggie!  Lucky enough, Maggie and her cousin Brian got to attend school together for a few months, before Brian moved on to his public preschool. They got such a kick out of seeing each other at school!


This February marks one year since Maggie started as a “typically developing child” in the 2x2 play group, and we can confidently say that we know we made the right decision with this community.  We have been welcomed in with open arms, and we know Maggie feels that love and compassion every single time she walks through those automatic doors.  She wakes up on school days with an extra pep in her step, and swings open her classroom door to announce her arrival—excited to greet everyone and jump into the action.

maggie's family
  • JADA

    Jada Carlson, M.Ed.

    Jada Carlson is an Early Education and Care Instructor at Methuen High School.  She previously worked as an Early Intervention Specialist at the Professional Center for Child Development and with the Massachusetts Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project.

    become so much more.  I learned about child development  from speech, physical and occupational therapists.  I developed relationships with so many special families over the years....

    I entered the world of Early Intervention as a professional back in 1996 shortly after graduating from college.  I was hired as a developmental educator, but the role grew to


    Changing Perspectives

    Jada’s Story


  • KYLE


    Within the first week home, we were introduced to an Early Intervention team from the Professional Center for Child Development....

    It was November 1999 and my husband Tim and I had just brought our son Kyle home after a long four month ordeal at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. Kyle was born at 26 weeks, 1 lb. 4 oz., and it seemed like it took an eternity for him to gain the proper weight and development to be able to ever leave the hospital. We had been on an emotional rollercoaster, from the day of learning we were pregnant with twins, to losing our beloved son Taylor one month after his birth. While we were very excited and extremely fortunate to have Kyle home, we knew there was a long road ahead of us.

    KYLE’s Story



    and lots of health issues from low tone and Mitochondrial Disorder. He is also legally blind. He is non-verbal and communicates with vocalizations, facial expressions, eye gaze and his switches. We first met through the Northeast RCP (Regional Consultation Program) which is located at PCCD....

    The Professional Center for Child Development has been part of our family since Mateo was two years old. Mateo was born healthy and began losing developmental milestones at three months of age. At five months, he was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. Mateo has global developmental delays

    Mateo's family

    Augmentative Communication Expands Mateo’s World

    Mateo’s Story



    I knew I would volunteer for the Professional Center for Child Development as soon as I met the 2x3 Preschool staff.  I was so nervous to start my son at school due to some of his developmental issues and I was worried if he would be accepted as is or just looked at as a trouble-maker....

    Melanie’s Story

    I’ve always been one to volunteer, whether it’s been for the local animal shelter, library, a local non-profit or for a one-time event.  I’m nurturing by nature but I really enjoy lending a hand, especially to an organization I’m passionate about.

    melanie's family


    and swallowing, and selective mutism. She endured a number of blue spells and choking episodes.  The Professional Center therapists were there for her from before she took her first steps and her Occupational Therapist remained focused on feeding until Olivia graduated the program at 3 years old.  Olivia also attended the PCCD food group and the Two-by-Two developmental play group....

    The Professional Center for Child Development has been part of our family since our daughter Olivia was 3 months old. Olivia was born premature, with multiple congenital anomalies, difficulty breathing

    olivia and desmond's family

    Olivia and Desmond



    English was not her primary language at home.  Since this was her first school experience, we were nervous about how she would adjust to school and interact with the teachers and other children.  She was able to work through the transitions and routines quickly....

    Saidhanya's family

    We first came to know about PCCD when our daughter Saidhanya was 3.5 years old and started preschool.  Her preschool years will be priceless memories for all of us. From the first time we visited for a tour, we felt very welcomed.

    Saidhanya’s Story

  • YAO


    In July 2015, my husband, our then seven-year-old daughter, and I traveled to Xinzhou, China, in Shanxi Province to adopt our new son. He was two years and three months old when we brought him home from the orphanage where he’d lived his entire life. He had a cleft lip, which had been repaired in China when he was 15 months old; he hadn’t been allowed to learn to walk (despite the fact there was not a gosh darn thing wrong with his legs); he’d never been fed solid food and was undernourished; he didn’t speak a word of Mandarin; and throwing things was the only way he knew to play. (Note: He does have a great arm; watch out Red Sox.) Obviously, we had some obstacles to overcome, but even so, our little one had a bubbly personality, responded beautifully to love and attention, and was anxious to get to know the world outside of his crib.....

    Yao’s Story

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