PCCD Tele-Early Intervention is an Early Intervention virtual session done over the internet when the provider and the family are not in the same location. Sessions will be with you and your child, with the provider working together with you, observing and coaching you and giving you ideas. Much of the Tele-Early Intervention session should look very much like your home visits have looked in the past. At the start of each session, your provider will check in on any questions, concerns or progress noted since your lastcontact, as this may change the plan for the session. If something big has happened in the last week, let them know at the start.

Before your first Tele-Early Intervention session your Early Intervention provider will work with you to help plan out what types of activities to have on hand based on the outcomes you are working towards and will work with you during the visit on when and how to present them. As with previous home visits, having a balance of activities that are more challenging along with ones that are favorites on hand may help keep your child engaged. We are aware that siblings are home and often eager to participate – the reality of daily life! Discuss with your provider how to include your other children in the session. Some providers may use dolls to show families handling techniques and positions to try during play and daily routines.

As with anything new, we may expect technical glitches and unsure moments! Let’s be patient with one another. If you have questions before, during or after the session, do not hesitate to ask. At the end of the visit you and your provider will make a plan for the next session. You will also be able to discuss and touch base about what went well, what can be changed, and how to proceed for the next time.

Translators can be used during Tele-Early Intervention sessions. Please let us know if you have suggestions or questions. This is your visit – we want to make it as successful as possible.

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